Bible Study Certificates


The word theology comes from two Greek words that combined mean the study of God. Christian theology is simply an attempt to understand God as He is revealed in the Bible. It is amazing how our understanding of the Bible sometimes is more influenced by the opinions of men than by the Word of God itself.

It is amazing how much our Bible understanding and interpretation is influenced by the opinions of other men. Most of this influence comes from things we read and hear. We need to be aware that there are a number of schools of theology (methods of Bible interpretation). We have identified what we believe are the four major schools covered briefly in our next topic "Schools of Theology".  A writer or teacher/preacher has been influenced by one of these schools of thought. It is important that we gain as much understanding about the schools of theology and the more we understand about the major schools of theology the better we will be at overcoming our biases (faulty understanding)and become better at Bible interpretation.

It is our belief that not only do the "Schools of Theology" effect interpretation but at a higher level the teaching, debate, ordoctrines of Calvinism and Arminianism, covered under the menu item "TULIP"  may even influence our Bible interpretation and application to a greater extent.