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Teaching Certificate

Teaching Certificate

Bible Study Certificates Four Soils Ministry offers a “Certificate in Bible Teaching” to those that have received God’s call into a Bible teaching ministry. We understand that it is impossible for everyone that God calls to attend a Bible College or Seminary, therefore we have developed an integrated Bible teaching certificate program that integrates a solid Bible study, basic theology, and the science of Bible interpretation with the science of Biblical presentation. This course is absolutely free to anyone and everyone.

Once a person completes our “Certificate in Bible Teaching” course they will have walked through the entire Bible with a focus on the theme of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. They will have been exposed to the major schools of theology and been taught how these different theological schools have effected our interpretation and application of God’s Word.

In the Bible Teaching Certificate Course the student will be taught the major doctrines and themes of the Bible and see how they relate to each other. The end result will be that the student will develop the Biblical foundation and skills needed to prepare and deliver Christ centered lessons from both the Old and New Testament.

This Certificate in Bible Teaching Course is an unique course and has been developed with the philosophy that it covers the basic instruction for a person called into the Bible Teaching ministry. The “Certificate in Bible Teaching” is a very demanding course and will take many students two years or more to complete. It involves twelve course modules that contain ten lessons with ten questions each. If a student were to do one lesson per week it would take two years. However the Certificate in Bible Teaching course is structured that a student can complete the course in less than a year by doing two lessons per week.

The Certificate in Bible Teaching Course developer has a number of years experience with a number of Bible teaching organizations such as traditional classroom seminaries, distant learning seminaries, and seminar type Bible instruction. It is our belief that this course integrates the best of all of these methods.

Four Soils Ministry’s purpose is to provide a demanding learning experience while providing all the tools and resources free over the Internet. Students from anywhere in the world can take advantage of this education at no financial cost. However you will find it has a high cost of commitment to complete and you will discover that the knowledge you gain is comparable to those who have had the opportunity to attend a traditional Bible college or Seminary.

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