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Counseling Certificate

Biblical/Christian Counseling Certificate

Bible Study CertificatesFour Soils Ministry’s Christian Counseling Certificate program offers a training process, leading to certificate as a Christian Counselor. This training is open to any Christian who would like to learn how to help them selves and others apply biblical truth to their mental and emotional problems.

Why Biblical/Christian Counseling?

Biblical/Christian counselors who share a trust and reliance on God for wisdom, direction, healing and the power to make positive changes help others by directing them back to God. Christian counseling uses biblically based values and scriptural truths to promote emotional, mental and spiritual healing. Biblical/Christian Counselors help others to understand that they are a product of their choices.

Biblical Counseling Certificate Program

These choices are based on their beliefs about themselves, others, and God. Christian Counselors help others to see that God is able and willing to take a bad situation and make it an opportunity for their good and for the good of others. Biblical/Christian Counselors enable others to make faith-based choices according to the scriptural purpose of God for their life.

You do not need to be considering a full-time ministry in counseling or be a pastor to enroll in the Four Soils Ministry?s Christian Counseling Program.

Our type of Biblical counseling focuses on a person’s beliefs about God and His Word as the root of his or her behavior. When we aid the person to line up his or her beliefs about God and what God says about Himself and the responsibility of man in the pages of the Bible, the necessary changes in a person’s behavior will begin to appear as a natural result.

Biblical Counseling Certificate Program

The Bible says, “if we will walk in the Spirit we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh”. The lust of the flesh is the root of all the problems of mankind. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God can enable us to help ourselves and others too see that Christ is the answer to all the world's problems.

The Four Soils Ministry’s Christian/Biblical Counseling Certificate program is open to anyone and everyone at no cost.

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