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Bible Study - Book of Romans

Romans 1:16-17 is considered the main theme of Roans by most Christian Bible Scholars. This states that salvation is offered through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul explains that all humanity is guilty and accountable to God for their sin and that it is only through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that they can attain salvation.

Therefore, Jesus is both just and the one who justifies. In response to God's free offer salvation, mankind can be justified by faith. Paul uses the testimony Abraham and David to demonstrate that it is by faith not works that mankind can be seen as righteous before God.

Paul reveals most of the basic Christian doctrines in a progressive way to the reader. He starts with God's plan before the world was created, moves through the promise through the prophets onto the revelation in Christ Himself.


Paul builds the case that all mankind has sinned and is under the condemnation of and have need of a savior. He then moves to the provision of Jesus Christ as Savior by His death on the cross which is provided as a free gift available to all mankind.

Just as Paul built a case for all are sinners before God he also builds a case that Jesus died for all. That is to say salvation is available to all under the same set of rules. However Paul then goes to great length to explain faith and show us that salvation is only available through Jesus Christ. This is a simple statement but a complex implementation. In fact the rest of Romans in one sense is showing us what the results of faith looks like.

Faith itself is like the wind, we don't see it but we see and feel the effects. Faith is the same way. Hebrews chapter eleven explains the effect (results) of faith.


Ephesians 2:8-10 speaks of the fact that humans are saved by grace through faith unto good works. Most of Jesus parables speak of a person of the kingdom produces fruit (good works). His judgment parables speak of fruit (works) inspection. These good works flow out of a circumcised heart, a person who is walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

This theology agrees with John the Baptist's which says repent and produce fruit of repentance and with James when he says faith with out works is dead. My paraphrase states that faith without works is a (false) faith that leads to death).

In Romans Paul addresses the issue of law, sin, grace, faith, works, and judgment and their interaction. He also addresses the subject of sovereignty of God, freedom of man, Gods' foreknowledge and His foreordaination.


The thing that we must remember is that Romans is a letter and therefore as a basic rule of interpretation is that doctrine (the facts) must be taken sequentially (progressively) as revealed in the letter. Each new doctrine is based upon what has already been reveled in the letter.

Each Bible study lesson of the Four Soils Ministry Bible School's study of Romans contains ten questions, with most questions requiring a brief written response. A person who is familiar with the book of Romans will find they can complete most lessons can in a few hours.

Students are encouraged to set a goal to complete at least one lesson per week, however this is not mandatory.

The structure of Four Soils Ministry?s free Bible Study and philosophy of Four Soils Ministry?s free Bible School allows for each student to proceed at their own rate of speed with out impacting the process of others.


Course Procedures:

(1) Each Bible Study lesson of Romans is sent by email to the student. The Students can interact with their instructor by email to ask questions, make comments, or ect.

(2) Each Bible Study lesson of Romans when completed is returned to Four Soils Ministry by the Internet for grading.

(3) Each Bible Study lesson of Romans is graded pass or fail by an instructor, comments will be sent back to the student.

(4) The role of Four Soils Ministry is to provide structure, encouragement, and feedback. The learning and effort is the responsibility of the student.

(5) The next Bible study Lesson in Romans will be sent to the student after a passing grade is obtained on the previous Lesson. If a student's response to a lesson is not satisfactory ( a passing response), the student will be notified and given suggestions on how to obtain a passing grade. The student cannot receive the next Lesson in Romans until a passing grade is achieved.


All lessons for the Romans Bible study are now available on the website by way of the lesson links on the left. For a Bible student to take the course for credit they must send each lesson to Four Soils Ministry for evaluation by email. All of the Romans Bible course lessons must be reviewed to receive a certificate of completion. Currently Four Soils Ministry issues a certificate of completion only after a Bible student completes all lessons for all twelve Bible courses (120 lessons).

Questions can be emailed to us and our goal is to respond in 48 hours are less. Send emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We suggest that each student create a hard copy of each Romans Bible study lesson. These lessons from the Romans study when combined with the lessons from the other Bible study modules will become a valuable resource as the course of study progresses.

Four Soils Ministry will provide acknowledgment and feedback for all inquires and lessons submitted. May God bless your desire to learn and to serve Him as you spend time in His presense through the Romans Bible study course.