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Bible Study of of Biblical Prophets

Study of the Old Testament prophets is an important part of Four Soils Ministry’s Bible teaching program. The section of the Bible called the "Prophets" contains more books than any othet section of scripture. The Old Testament books classified as prophets were written between 760 and 460 BC. Five of these books are in the section called “major prophets” and the other ones are called "minor prophets'. The Prophet books which are called “Minor Prophets” are done so becasue of their lenght, not message or because of their importance or value.

The major prophets are studied individually and the minor prophets are studied in groups that pertain to their audience (Judah, Israel or both) or time period addressed such as "before, during or after" period of captivity.

The Prophet’s primary function was to speak for God to their contemporaries. In one sense the Prophets were “Covenant Enforcement Mediators”.

God’s covenant with His people sets expectations for both parties. It defines right behavior (ie., following the rules) by Israel and Judah. It also specifies certain protections and benefits (blessings). Conversely, failure by Israel and judah lead to punishment (curses).


Most of the announcements by the prophets are about God’s curses because the writings come primarily from a time (ie., 700-500 BC )when Israel is failing to obey God and is therefore heading towards punishment. As an instructor with “Walk Thru the Bible” we were trained to use the phrase “shape up or ship out” as the key message of the prophets.

In other words if Israel would not shape up they would receive the curse of the covenant which was they would lose the “land of promise”.

The period of the sixteen books classified as "the prophets" was a period characterized by unprecedented political, military, economic and social upheaval and an enormous level of religious unfaithfulness and disregard for original Mosaic covenant resulting not only in Israel being destroyed and Judah being carried into captivity. but also ending with the Prophet Malachi speaking of the Messiah and His final judgment.

Shortly after Christ death the Biblical nation of Israel was totally destroyed and never existed again until established nearly 2000 years later in 1947.

The study of the Prophets are much like a ribbon and paper covering a present, they complete the gift.


The study of the prophets will complete the movement of God’s revelation from creation to the coming of the “Seed” that will crush Satan’s head, the perfect revelation, the gift from God.

God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by [his] Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; (Hebrews 1:1-2)

Our study of the Old Testament Prophets are divided into the ten lessons listed on left:

As we study the "prophets", we will continue to see that the Bible is one message, Jesus. Paul indicates teh same when he said that he wanted to preach nothing but “Jesus and Him crucified.”

Jesus Himself says the same thing when He told the two on the road to Emmaus on the day of His resurrection, "He starts with Moses and the prophets and explains how the Scriptures speak of Him."

This view of God that starts from the beginning of eternity until the end, the Alpha and Omega, is an essential truth in both Judaism and Christianity.

Much can be learned by Christians from the study of God's workings with Israel. The writer of Hebrews tells us that all these things happened to Israel for the benefit of the Christian, for our example. Just as God was leading them, so we can find assurance that God is always at work, accomplishing His will and leading His people.


Each lesson of the study of "the Prophets" from the Old Testament contains ten questions, with most questions requiring a written response of 250 words or less. If a person is familiar with the Old Testament, most lessons can be completed in a few hours. We encourage that each student set a goal of at least one lesson per week, however this is not mandatory.

Course Procedures:

(1)Lessons of the study of the Old Testament Prophets or available on the website, links above and on the left.
(2) If taking course for credit, send each Lesson of the Old Testament Prophets when completed to Four Soils Ministry by email for evaluation.
(3) The Lessons of the study of the Old Testament Prophets will be graded pass or fail. If it receives a failing grade, lesson must be resubmitted.

A student must pass each Lesson before moving on to the next lesson.