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The Synoptic Gospels is a term used for the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. The Synoptic Gospels often recount the same stories about Jesus Christ, though sometimes with different details and lengths, but mostly following the same sequence and to a large extent using the same words. The term synoptic is derived from a combination of the Greek words that indicate the contents of the first three Gospels can be viewed side-by-side, whether in a vertical parallel column synopsis, or a horizontal synoptic alignment.

All four of the Gospels including John are in harmony, however the first three are so similar that the reader will at once notice the large amount of subject matter which is common to all three. Brief as these three parallel Synoptic accounts of Christ's life are, they run parallel to one another in no less than 330-370 verses or about one-third of their whole account of Christ's life here on earth. Amazingly, with the exception of a few incidents (68 verses), the whole of Mark is found in Matthew and in Luke.

In our course on the Synoptic Gospels we will do a lesson on all four Gospels to show their major themes and focus, then come back and focus on the major teachings of Jesus such as the "Sermon on the Mount", His Parables, and His teaching on His second coming.

Course Procedures:

(1) Each Bible Study lesson of Synoptic Gospels is sent by email to the student, or the student can copy from the Internet. Each Bible Study lesson of Synoptic Gospels when completed is emailed to Four Soils Ministry by the Internet for review. Send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(2)The Students can interact with their instructor by email when required to ask questions, make comments, or ect.

(3) Each Bible Study lesson of Synoptic Gospels will be reviewed by an instructor and comments will be returned to the student with the next lesson by email.

(4) The role of Four Soils Ministry is to provide structure, encouragement, and feedback. The learning and effort is the responsibility of the student.

All lessons for the Synoptic Gospels Bible study are now available on the website by way of the lesson links on the left. For a Bible student to take the course for credit they must send each lesson to Four Soils Ministry for evaluation by email. All of the Synoptic Gospels Bible course lessons must be reviewed to receive a certificate of completion. Currently Four Soils Ministry issues a certificate of completion only after a Bible student completes all lessons for all twelve Bible courses (120 lessons).

Questions can be emailed to us and our goal is to respond in 48 hours are less. Send emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We suggest that each student create a hard copy of each Synoptic Gospels Bible study lesson. These lessons from the Exodus study when combined with the lessons from the other Bible study modules will become a valuable resource as the course of study progresses.

Four Soils Ministry will provide acknowledgment and feedback for all inquires and lessons submitted. May God bless your desire to learn and to serve Him as you spend time in His presense through the Synoptic Gospels Bible study course.