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Counseling Lesson 6 from Four Soils Ministry Bible School


Four Soils Ministry is a Bible Based Ministry established for the purpose to equip workers in the area of preaching, teaching, discipleship and Biblical Counseling. We firmly believe that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit uses His written Word to provide the solution to man's emotional and relational problems that were caused by Adam and Eve's sin in the garden of Eden. Read in Genesis chapter three the fear and guilt, plus the blaming, covering-up and excuses demonstrated by Adam and Eve immediately after their sin (disobedience). Any time we sin today we experience the same emotions and broken relations that were generated in the garden. 

Four Soils Ministry provides the Biblical foundation for our Biblical Counseling students and we rely on organizations such as Family Counseling Ministries to supplement our instruction with specific Biblical counseling resources 

Family Counseling Ministries :


          Family Counseling Ministries


Family Counseling Ministries answers the question "What Is Bible-based Counseling?" with the statement. "Biblical counseling" is a term that has been weakened by counseling centers across the country which call themselves biblical, while in reality, they are heavily influenced by psychological theories of human behavior and healing. What is the difference between genuine Biblical Counseling and integrated systems (those which attempt to integrate psychology and the Bible)? To answer that, we need to lay out some of the significant characteristics of Genuine Biblical Counseling. 

Genuine Biblical Counseling derives its understanding of God and Man from the Scriptures. We must base our practice upon the inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, and absolute sufficiency of the Word of God. It is a fatal error to say that the Bible is sufficient for salvation, but that we need psychological solutions for sanctification. 

Four Soils Ministry agrees with Family Counseling Ministries' view that Genuine Biblical Counseling is based on solid Biblical study. A sound systematic theology and Biblical method of interpretation is essential for the genuine Biblical counselor. There is no substitute for the counselor having an in-depth knowledge of the Scriptures and how to apply them to the problems of daily living. 

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"No Excuse for Anger" 

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