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Counseling 04

Biblical Counseling Lesson 4


Four Soils Ministry is a Bible Based Ministry established for the purpose to equip workers in the area of preaching, teaching, discipleship and Biblical Counseling. We firmly believe that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit uses His written Word to provide the solution to man's emotional and relational problems that were caused by Adam and Eve's sin in the garden of Eden. Read in Genesis chapter three the fear and guilt, plus the blaming, covering-up and excuses demonstrated by Adam and Eve immediately after their sin (disobedience). Any time we sin today we experience the same emotions and broken relations that were generated in the garden. 

Four Soils Ministry provides the Biblical foundation for our Biblical Counseling students and we rely on organizations such as Biblical Counseling Insights to supplement our instruction with specific Biblical counseling resources 

Biblical Counseling Insights    

For those who are seeking Proven Counseling Insights, Dr.Henry Brandt's Biblical Counseling Insights website provides the resources. 

Here is an indispensable treasury of wisdom... from the man Dr. Bill Bright called "one of the most biblically-oriented psychologists of our time" 

Find the answers you need. . . Are you seeking solutions to life's problems? Maybe a personal struggle? Difficulties in your marriage? Conflict in a relationship? Parenting challenges? Or perhaps a leadership dilemma? 

Life-changing insights are readily available to you in various formats on Biblical Counseling Insights website: 

"How can I deal with inner turmoil?" is of many useful articles found on this website. 

"How can I deal with inner turmoil?" 

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